Thursday, October 25, 2007


If you’re like me, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your spa experience. And, in researching a proposed spa destination, or destination spa, you’ve probably noticed that it’s almost always better to get a referral.

Why? Because most of the spa magazines and Internet sites don’t really offer objective reviews about the spas themselves.

Some are simply online brochures for the spas themselves, while others are advertorials or paid advertisements masquerading as objective user reviews.

Still others are fronts for travel agencies, health and beauty product suppliers, health and wellness trade associations or other entities with a vested interest in the spa industry vs. that of you, the spa-going consumer. is an online service 100% interested in you – the spa patron. Our goal is simple—to help you maximize your spa experience by providing an unbiased and unbought “woman-on-the-street” perspective based on NJ Spa Girl’s own visits to spas throughout New Jersey, and wherever her travels may take her.

I am not a spa owner, spa product vendor, spa association, or spa advertiser. Just like you, I'm a hardworking spa goer in search of spa destinations and destination spas worthy of my hard-earned spa money.

I created this web site to share my observations with other spa-oriented kindred spirits and to give you the chance to share your observations with others.


“Because All Escapes Are NOT Created Equal.”
NJ Spa Girl

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