Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can't Get to the Spa? Indulge in Some "Retail Therapy" at ideeli

Greetings fellow spa goers!

Who says membership doesn't have its privileges?

When I first launched, I dreamed of offering my community members exclusive benefits from businesses who share our commitment to making time and taking time to luxuriate and enjoy life's pleasures--from the simple to the luxurious. I'm pleased to report that we've just solidified our first such arrangement with ideeli, a unique, invitation-only shopping community.

ideeli creates daily online events that provide its members with the ideal shopping experience: privileged access to the most sought-after products and experiences, often at privileged prices. Each event is designed by ideeli editors to offer members an exclusive shopping opportunity in a fun, social way. The surprises include not only great products and prices, but items not yet available in stores, finds from abroad, and fabulous giveaways.

Now, as an reader, you have the opportunity to save as you indulge in one of the most exclusive retail therapy experiences around!

To access this unique service via ideeli's private code for readers, click the ideeli link in the "Shop for your favorite spa goer" section at right, or click the link below: Reader Private Code

Wishing you good spa (and some good retail therapy!)!
NJ Spa Girl

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