Friday, January 18, 2008

The Pampered Spirit NJ & Other Good Reasons To Try A Mobile Spa

The Gift For The Man (or Woman or Couple) Who Has Everything – Last summer, my brother got married which presented me with a not so unique challenge—so what to get the man who has everything, including a lovely new wife?

My brother is like many men when it comes to his concept of “spa.” He would LOVE to try a massage because the idea of anything promoting stress reduction, serenity and relaxation is appealing to say the least. However, the thought of going to a spa to get a massage seems too “girlie,” too far “outside his comfort zone” or too {insert whatever understandable reason you can think of here} for him to give it a try.

My sister-in-law is a bit more adventurous when it comes to things spa. Before the wedding she mentioned she would love to try a spa, so for her bachelorette outing, I treated her to a wonderful spa experience at Ethereal Day Spa and Day Spa ( in Parsippany (don’t worry, the review is coming soon – I promise!). In fact, she was so open, she even let me pick her treatments!

So, when it came time to pick the perfect wedding gift, I decided to treat them both to a magical spa experience that would allow them both to enjoy their first professional massage, a romantic candlelit dinner, and soothing music all in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Enter the mobile spa experience.

The Experience – I contacted Bridget Turnbach, founder of The Pampered Spirit Mobile Spa & Massage Co. ( who helped me design the perfect gift for my brother and his new bride. Since it was a surprise gift and my sister-in-law subscribes to my blog, I will not tell say how much it cost, but I arranged for what is now posted to her site as The Ultimate In Romance Dinner and Massage package.

Bridget and another skilled massage therapist met me at my brother’s home along with Chef Ted, proprietor of Ted Can Cook Personal Chef Service ( We knocked on the door and within minutes, the newlyweds’ living room was magically transformed into a serene spa, complete with candles, music and aromatherapy where my brother and sister-and-law received their side-by-side relaxation massages.

As the Pampered Spirit team worked its magic, Chef Ted prepared a gourmet meal, complete with an entrée of my choosing (I selected Chef Ted’s signature salmon dish) flowers (in colors to match their wedding colors), sparkling apple cider (they don’t drink alcohol) and a wonderful chocolate dessert of Chef Ted’s choosing. The beauty of that add on is that Chef Ted literally bought EVERYTHING from all the ingredients, to the cooking equipment and serving dishes. And when it was all said and done, the Pampered Spirit team, including Chef Ted, cleaned everything up, returning my bother’s apartment back to its original state – except of course for the relaxed, rejuvenated and transformed newlyweds left behind!

While I have yet to personally indulge in the privacy, comfort and convenience of the mobile spa, my brother and sister-in-law were BIG fans of their experience. And, for two people who had never had a massage before, I knew if they enjoyed it, there must be something to it.

Why Try It Yourself? – So, based on their feedback, and some research of my own, here are the top 5 reasons to consider a mobile spa experience, even though in some cases, it may be a bit more expensive than a more traditional spa.

1. It’s convenient – Mobile spa companies schedule appointments based on their availability and their client’s schedule. And many, such as Pampered Spirit, work on weekends, including Sundays!

2. It’s private – Mobile spa companies come to you – at work, at home, at a hotel or wherever you prefer. So, if you’re a little “spa shy,” what could be better than your place for a spa experience?

3. It’s customized – Mobile spa companies totally customize their services. And while you don’t have to have all the trimmings like the gift package I selected for my brother and his bride, you can often get the experience you want, when you want, where you want.

4. It’s great to try alone, with a friend or with a group – In addition to individual treatments, many mobile spa companies offer packages for two and “spa party” services for groups. While, I’ll cover spa parties in another post, mobile spas offer a great option to share a unique spa experience with your sweetie or with your best friends. They also make for unique fundraisers and special events.

5. The extras are limited only by your imagination (ok, and maybe your budget!) – From manicures, pedicures and facials to massages, personal chefs, psychics, martini bars, champagne, flowers and almost anything you can dream of (within your budget and that the space will allow), mobile spa companies can help deliver all the extras needs to bring your ultimate “in home” spa experience to life.

Ways To Spa On The Go – So, if you’re looking for a mobile spa service to try, listed below are a few sites for companies in the NJ/NY metropolitan area that I came across in my search for the perfect wedding gift for my brother and sister-in-law:

The Pampered Spirit NJ (
Earthtones Holistic Products and Services LLC (
obile Massage Spa, LLC (
Spa Chicks on The Go (
SpaLean Day & Mobile Spa (
Pampered Soul Mobile Massage & Spa (
SPArties (

Many of them offer gift certificates or special services for the office and/or corporate events, fundraisers, weddings and other special occasions. Please note, this list is by no means inclusive and The Pampered Spirit NJ is the only company whose services I’ve purchased to date. So if you’ve tried any of these mobile spas, or know of one that’s not listed, please let us know by posting your comment below.

Oh yes, before I forget, here’s one last – and perhaps the best – reason to try a mobile spa experience (or any spa experience!)….YOU DESERVE IT!

Wishing you good spa!

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